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Homes for Hometown Heroes founder, Bill Grant, is also the founder and CFO for Grant Realty, LLC.

Grant Realty is a family business designed to provide a real estate legacy for our heirs.  Cindy Grant runs the day to day property management side of our business and is responsible for design, construction, and maintenance operations for our 5 properties in Nocatee, FL.

We believe the keys to successful real estate investing can include:

  • Over 55+ developments.  Over 55 year old tenants create substantially less wear and tear on an investment property.  Retirement developments are often less expensive per square foot than traditional developments within the locality. Northern Florida is a desirable retirement destination with a comparatively low cost of living and outstanding senior health care.  Bless the New Yorkers, New Jersey and Connecticut residents, and Californians looking to retire where new FL retirement homes all seem to be ‘half price’.  These folks need a place to stay while building their new homes. 
  • Buying right.  In nearly all of our real estate investment properties we were early ‘phase 1’ purchasers.   Often our properties went through multiple price increases prior to our taking possession.  Builders will often tell you about their price increase policies.  
  • Buying new construction.  When buying the right investment property, we have experienced one year plus construction cycles wherein the property’s value increased significantly during the construction cycle prior to our taking possession of the property (whose price we locked in at time of contract).  We’ve recently experienced ‘10 times the down payment’ in appreciation on one property. Put another way, we experienced a 1,000% return on our down payment – prior to taking possession of the property!  In this market where real estate values are escalating, locking in a price on a home expected to take a long time to build, is a great way to increase your return on investment
  • Gross Income Multiplier (GIM).  There are lots of experts that can tabulate ROI, return on investment.  As Warren Buffett said about the bankers that helped precipitate the 2008 real estate/banking crisis ‘Beware of geeks selling complicated formulas.’  Our GIM math is simple.  
    • Annual Rent x 10 = Product.   If your real estate investment costs less than ‘the product’, buy it!
  • Buy ‘the math’ vs. ‘the ego stroke’.   What’s a better investment?  The retirement community property that is 10 years old or the new property in a gated community?

Investing in real estate is a passion.  Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

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