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Homes for Hometown Heroes was launched in 2022 by Bill Grant, a licensed Florida sales associate, a REALTOR® in good standing with Florida Homes Mortgage and Realty, the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NeFAR), and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Grant graduated in 1977 from the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration.  The cornerstone of the Statler Building on Cornell’s campus is inscribed with ‘Life is service.  The man who progresses is the one that gives his fellow man a little more, a little better service.’  Grant is one of the thousands of ‘Hotelies’ around the world that live to serve.

Service was the current that ran through Grant’ s career with Marriott hotels in financial management, later as a technology sales exec that served the hospitality industry, and culminated with his founding a POSabilities, a Florida technology services company that served clients in the restaurant, retail, and sports arena industries.   This career involved buying, building, and selling of more than 10 homes in CA, England, Virginia, Texas, and Florida.

Grant became a licensed real estate associate soon after selling POSabilities to his former partner.

The seed for Homes for Hometown Heroes grew from a 2021 discussion group within Florida Homes that was centered on serving military personnel (active duty, reservists, and retired) and their families.  As two of Grant’s 4 children and 6 out of 11 he and wife Cindy’s grandchildren serve in active duty military (Navy and Marines) families Grant was an active participant in these discussions.

In forming Hometown Heroes Grant wanted to expand the foundation of serving the military to include those that served our communities during the COVID pandemic to include, policemen and women, firefighters, teachers, medical industry staff and professionals, hospitality industry staff, coaches, community volunteers, and grocery industry staff.

Grant and wife Cindy are the founders of Grant Realty Trust LLC, the corporate vehicle that owns and operates real estate investments which will comprise the bulk of the legacy which we will pass on to our heirs.

Our service ‘proposition’ is based upon superior service and a monetary ‘thank you’ in the form of sharing commissions earned as a real estate agent.

Grant is active in the community; is a member of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN), provides gratis college counseling to aspiring students and student athletes, was a pre-pandemic volunteer at Blessings in a Backpack (a Crosswater Church ministry that provides weekend food to students on the Federal Subsidized School Lunch Program) and has coached JV basketball locally at the high school level (Providence and St Joseph Academy), as well as at the AAU, competitive, and recreational levels at the YMCA Ponte Vedra.  Grant developed a quadrant based development plan; academics, repetitions, resilience/mental toughness/character/team, and body (conditioning, nutrition, and strength).

It should not be surprising that Grant works with clients that are selling their homes to develop their unique ‘Fast Break’ Plan which is designed to ‘win’ an offer within the first week of listing their property.

Life is service. We would be honored to serve you and your family.

Homes For Hometown Heroes

These are extraordinary times in Florida real estate.  

As the COVID pandemic was taking took more American lives than World War’s I and II, Korea, and Viet Nam combined, the US work force transitioned from the office to working from home. 

Northern Florida home values rose at record breaking levels as families chose to move to our area.

Nocatee, a planned master community within the Ponte Vedra ‘city limits’, has seen home values  rise at record setting levels.  Like the rest of Florida and the US we have seen key real estate indicators reflect a slow down in the market place.  Key metrics indicate the interest rates are the main culprit in this slow down.

Homes for Hometown Heroes is a real estate practice headquartered in Nocatee (Ponte Vedra, FL), founded by Bill Grant, a licensed FL real estate sales associate that complies with the best practices of the Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage brokerage, and is a REALTOR® in good standing with Northeast Florida Association of Realtors (NEFAR), and the National Associate of Realtors (NAR). 

Homes for Hometown Heroes is a real estate practice dedicated to serving those that serve with the express purpose of giving back to the heroes and their families serve our community.

Grant is also the founder and CFO of Grant Realty LLC, a family owned business with the mission of developing a real estate based legacy for our children and our children’s children.  As investors that have built 6 homes in Nocatee we remain bullish about future returns on northern Florida real estate. Most financial pundits and talking heads recommended real estate and related companies in 2022.

As a blue collar kid that grew up in the suburbs of Boston our family get togethers were mostly comprised of policemen, firefighters, utility workers, government workers, teachers, coaches and their families.  The availability of high quality medical services and great school systems in Massachusetts were the foundation of our pursuit of the American Dream.  

Our local Northern Florida communities provide access to great schools and world class medical services which will enable our children and their children’s children to pursue their American dreams.

Homes for Hometown Heroes show our appreciation to those that serve our community by lowering their costs of their real estate transactions.

By how much?

By $1500 per $100,000 of the real estate transaction’s price.  That’s our way of saying ‘thank you for your service.’

And that’s not counting the customer driven value added services and financial incentives offered by our partners. 


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